Training refers to the acquisition (learning) of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills

To be successful, since the act of training is the same regardless the school used, it is important not to focus on the exercise to do, but to understand why and how things work before trying to replicate them. A training system consists of three things:

  1. a teacher that conveys the message (the trainer)
  2. a language that both understand ( Body language the aides)
  3. a receiver that gets the message you send and the moment of comprehension where the message is understood. (Learning)

The key of training is communication.  Communication is the interaction between the language used to convey the message and the horse learning structure.  You need to structure your language in a way that the horse is able to understand.  Neither you nor your horse is learning a new language. Rather, structuring the language so that the horse understands the message.