Conscious Horsemanship

Conscious Horsemanship by Angelo Telatin

It is possible to communicate on an “equal playing field” with your horse and making him understand your request without the need of learning any new techniques.  You can improve your own equine ability if you are conscious of how horses learn.  No matter what type of training you decide to use, with conscious horsemanship your horse will always be able to understand what you are requesting.  Furthermore, the barn life will suddenly become very simple and even enjoyable.  This includes clipping, grooming, and trailer loading among many other things.

Theory without Practice-Useless. Practice without theory-Senseless

Classical training and Natural Horsemanship have focused on developing a series of practical exercises. Unfortunately, only those who are naturally gifted with horse sense are able to use those exercises successfully, because the reasons and the timing that make them successful are not explained making them, senseless. The academic world has long discovered how animals learn and what the best ways to communicate with them are. However, all these notions are useless if they are not properly related to training techniques.

Conscious horsemanship by Angelo Telatin is the bridge between theory and practice.