About Me

Angelo Telatin is associate professor at Delaware Valley University Equine Science and Managment department and one of only 54 British Horse Society Fellows in the world. This qualification, only awarded to those considered to be reliable ambassadors of the sport, is described by the BHS as "the jewel in your equestrian crown." He also has a master’s degree “Laurea” from the University of Padua, one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. For his final thesis in Equine Behavior he explored “The Comparison between Equine Training Techniques and the Psychology of Learning.”  and a PhD in Equine Behavior and training. This unique life experience allowed him to fuse the academic discoveries in animal communication with horse training techniques into a new and powerful training tool: Conscious Horsemanship. Telatin has personally won and coached many students to win numerous championships in show jumping. He is the head coach for the Delaware Valley College Intercollegiate Dressage Team (IDA) and he prepares riders for regional and national competitions where they have won many individual and team medals. His most recent accomplishments include coaching the 2011 IDA Reserve National Championship Team and Individual Champion. Presentation participants remark that his approach to horses pinpoints what has previously been the “missing link” in their horses’ training because his teaching is easy to understand and applicable to every riders’ abilities and daily riding practices. His approach features no gimmicks and no new training techniques, just sound horsemanship.